Camera 1

Camera 1

Currently monitoring a Colt AR-15 assault rifle with 30 round magazine.

Camera 1: Colt AR-15

The Colt AR-15 assault rifle was so evil and dangerous that it was banned by name in the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban.

Dangerous Features

Detachable Magazine:Yes
Folding stock:Yes
Pistol grip:Yes
Forward grip:Yes
Bayonet mount:Yes
Flash suppressor:Yes


Our Colt AR-15 was the coalition's first research subject and cost us $1,500 back in 2004. Contrary to our preconceptions, this rifle is big and bulky at nearly 3 feet long and 9lbs. Muggers no doubt get extra exercise carrying this around under their coat all day.

Weapon of choice for:

Mugging, domestic violence, corporal punishment


    I can’t believe your stupidly about weapons.

    Dangerous Features-“very scary”

    Detachable Magazine: Yes (many weapons have detachable magazines, when some one is shooting at you, you want lots of magazines with lots of bullets in each one)
    Folding stock: Yes
    Pistol grip: Yes
    Forward grip: Yes
    Bayonet mount: Yes (check and see just how many times a bayonet is use in a crime)
    Flash suppressor: Yes (only reduces recoil)

    None of this features actually make a weapon more dangerous. It is the bullet that makes a weapon dangerous, how much does it weight and how fast does it go, is all that matters. What would really matter is if it a MARINE shooting it! USMC, Semper Fi !

    • The Rugged Gentleman

      Sarcasm is mostly lost on your people isnt it.

      • B. Young

        He’s a good marine, he can’t help it!-lol

    • Anon A. Moose

      Flash suppressor: Yes (only reduces recoil)…………………………….And Flash

  • lhecker51

    Did anyone else see the gap in the video feed? I think it is more than just a coincidence that during that gap, a similar “assault rifle” was seen in the vicinity of a mass shooting! The gap exactly matches the time frame! somehow, this AR is working with someone to shut off the video while it does it’s dirty work! If you look real close you can see it breathing!

  • CatHammer

    Have you tried various stimuli to see how it might react? Tapping it with a (10 ft?) pole? Pushing a box of ammo increasingly near it? Letting it see a 1000 round drum magazine, or a “bump-fire” stock? Showing it a picture of Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer?