Camera 2

Camera 2

Currently monitoring an M14 assault rifle with 20 round magazine.

Camera 2: M14

The M14 assault rifle is so dangerous the United States military phased it out in the 1960s for the somewhat safer AR-15.

Dangerous Features

Detachable Magazine:Yes
Folding stock:Yes
Pistol grip:Yes
Forward grip:Yes
Bayonet mount:No
Flash suppressor:Yes


The M14 we are monitoring was given to us by a local police department - even law enforcement is afraid of keeping one of these around! It is a giant assault rifle, over 3 feet long and weighs 13 lbs. Ours had wood all over it when we received it and no pistol grip. With some donations from our volunteers, we have made sure it now has a pistol grip and barrel shroud which should make it far more likely to commit violent acts. We understand there is a way to give this a bayonet lug as well - rest assured we are working on this. Weapon of choice for: Car jackings, vandalism, bank robberies