Camera 3

Camera 3

Currently monitoring an HK model 21 assault rifle with 100 round belt.

Camera 3: HK-21

The HK-21 assault rifle is so heinous it was banned before the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban.

Dangerous Features

Detachable Magazine:Yes
Folding stock:No
Pistol grip:Yes
Forward grip:Yes
Bayonet mount:No
Flash suppressor:Yes


The HK-21 we are monitoring was turned in for a $25 Chuck E. Cheese gift certificate at a local gun buyback program we were volunteering at near a New Jersey pre-school. We are convinced this was the assault rifle that will commit violence if ever there was one. Instead of a magazine of 20 or 30 rounds it has a whole "belt" of ammunition like you see in old war movies! It is missing a bayonet lug and folding stock but, with your generous donations, we will be working on obtaining these to complete this epitome of pure evil. It weighs over 20 lbs! Imagine the thugs that carry this around all day, unleashing destruction on unsuspecting innocents! Weapon of choice for: Airplane hijacking, jaywalking, convenience store robberies