Camera 1

Camera 1

Currently monitoring a Colt AR-15 assault rifle with 30 round magazine. Click for details.

Camera 2

Camera 2

Currently monitoring an M14 assault rifle with 20 round magazine. Click for details.

Camera 3

Camera 3

Currently monitoring an HK Model 21 assault rifle with 100 round belt. Click for details.

Assault Weapon Watch

The Coalition To Prevent Assault Weapon Violence was hastily organized in the wake of the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban expiration on September 13, 2004. We organized when one of our founding members read a press release by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence that AK-47s and Uzis were "coming to [our] neighborhood this summer."


Latest News

January 5, 2013
FBI Falsifies Data We've become aware that the FBI Uniform Crime Reports for 2011 claims that only 323 people were murdered with all rifles. Since assault rifles are only a small part of that 323, we know these numbers are fake, as the media has done an excellent job of clarifying that thousands of people per year are mowed down by AR-15s alone.

July 4, 2012
Just in time to celebrate Independence Day, we have re-launched with three web cameras watching three different assault weapons. We think escalating our vigalance against "gun freedom" is the ideal way to celebrate Independence Day!

April 6, 2005
We have taken notice of the Brady Campaign's statements that the new "FN Five Seven" pistol is known to be the weapon of choice for criminals against police officers. We are working on obtaining this "assault pistol" so that we may add it to our experiment!

Take Action

Help get the word out.. We need as much help as possible. The most useful thing you can do is link to our page! If you don't have your own website to link from, post the link in forums you frequent and send this page to your friends.


We need you. Due to our limited budget and staffing, we are not available to monitor these assault weapons around the clock. We depend on you, our supporters, to help us maintain our vigil with the assistance of our webcam. Helping is easy - you simply need to load this page regularly. Bookmark it. Make it your browser's default page. Check it every night after you tuck your children in. It's their lives your assistance might save.

You could be the one that spots the assault weapon violence.

You can make a difference

One of the first things we realized when we started this was that fellow anti-gun organizations have made mistakes in their claims that these weapons are inexpensive and readily available. Quite to the contrary, we ended up paying over $1,500 for the "Colt AR-15" we are currently monitoring! At least this is one assault weapon that is off of the streets!

Your spare funds could help us purchase additional weapons for testing. As little as $5 can buy ammunition that could be the missing catalyst that causes these weapons to rain destruction on our streets, allowing us to document this once and for all.

Put your money to work. So far we have yet to see violence from our assault weapons. However, we realize that the weapons we obtained for our testing is but a small subset of these extremely expensive, underpowered, innaccurate weapons apparently preferred by gang members, drug dealers and other dangerous criminals.